How your patties and ready meals will be delivered
Your patties and ready meals will be delivered in food safe polystyrene boxes. Polystyrene boxes make excellent insulated food containers and provide the very best insulation for temperature sensitive products in transit. No other packaging material insulates as well. It has a very low rate of thermal conductivity, which ensures the produce inside the box can be kept at a stable temperature regardless of outside conditions.

By law cold food needs to be kept at 5 degrees or below. The use of the poly boxes, together with the ice packs means that we can deliver the patties and ready meals at a safe temperature for up to 48 hours. This ensures your ordered food arrives at its intended destination fresh and unspoilt.

The poly boxes used to transport the patties, are made from expanded polystyrene which is fully recyclable. In its moulded form it is 98% air and 2% styrene and is both odourless and non-toxic. It is hygienic and approved for direct contact with food.