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Something different

Established in 2005 by Greg Small and Ann-Marie Atkins, Rummanco produces quality Caribbean food for a diverse and loyal customer base. Our approach to food encompasses passion, dedication and professionalism.

Using traditional Caribbean recipes as our starting point, we’ve added our own unique, creative touches to put together a portfolio of food products that are delightfully delicious whilst still remaining true to their roots. As well as offering Caribbean classics such as jerk chicken and curry goat, we also have attractive offerings for vegetarians and vegans. Similarly, apart from our classic Caribbean rum fruit cake, we offer a wide range of rum cakes to suit many palates.


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We continually strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Caribbean food. The result, a range of Jamaican style patties and rum cakes, many of which we were first to create. Examples include, Roasted Sweet Potato & Pumpkin pattie and Coffee Toffee Pecan rum cake.

Our expanding range of rum cakes includes a delightfully tasty range of gluten free and vegan options. For those wishing for a rum free experience (we take it you have good reason!), there is something for you too. For the many cake lovers out there, welcome! 

Whether sweet or savoury, we always look forward to developing and implementing new ideas, many customer inspired, so as to continue our journey of offering delicious and exciting food experiences.

Our Ethos

Our products are all hand made in small batches, with love and customer happiness at its heart. In short, we are able to avoid the inevitable compromises on taste and quality as often comes with mass production.

We are committed to producing natural food by not using any artificial colourings and flavourings, and try to avoid preservatives where possible. Our home-made approach focuses on bringing you the best possible aromas, textures and above all, taste, naturally.